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He owned and operated a barbershop in Fairborn called HairKut for 52 years. He was awarded the honor of a Kentucky Colonial for being a dedicated member of Fairborn and the Greene County community. He was a lifetime Mason, served in the U. He will be greatly missed by all who knew him. Main Street, Fairborn, OH Online condolences may be sent to the family at www. I enjoyed being your partner in all of the benefits that you did to raise money and help for people in need.

And for being a great friend since we were teenagers. I hate to hear of his passing so late this way. When they told me I was getting a haircut I decided I would give myself a haircut and I did. So I spanked Larry when he tried to put me in the chair. From that day on if Larry knew I was coming he would get me a little toy and we were okay. He was our family barber and friend. Larry also came to my high school graduation. He always would listen and had more stories than a library to listen to.

He is and will always be forever missed. Larry was a dear friend 45324 choclate adult chat ready to play Santa and Mrs. Not a year goes by that santa and Mrs claus would not stop in and bring him cookies.

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Larry will be missed. I hope and pray that the family finds comfort in knowing that he was loved by all that knew him. Just visit his shop today and found out that my favorite barber is passed away, I wish I know this earlier so I can visit his funeral. I come to Ohio from Vietnam just 4 years ago and live in Fairborn for several months, we go explore the surrounding area for the first time since we move here and his barber shop is the first place we visit.

We have our first hair cut in the U. S at his shop and was satisfy with the result and the price, since then his barber shop is the only shop me and dad visit when we need hair cut. One thing I like about his shop is it give us a very "vintage" feeling since he collect all kind of antique stuff. I regret that I don't have a chance to talk to him much and get to know him more since our English is limited.

It hit me hard today that I know that I will never have a chance to have him cut my hair again.

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P Larry. So sorry to hear of Larry's passing.

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I just stopped by his shop today for a haircut and read the note. I knew he had been ill for quite sometime now and for the life of me, don't know how he was able to stick with it as long as he did when I knew he was not feeling well. That shows to the true testament of this fine gentleman. I met Larry 30 years ago when I first moved to Fairborn.

45324 choclate adult chat ready to play will miss all the funny conversation's and especially talking about Fairborn's history. Larry my friend, you will truly be missed in this community. Thanks for your friendship and thanks for the many, many haircuts. I ended up going downtown for that haircut today but it just didn't feel the same.

Thanks to the family for posting all the pictures from Larry's past. RIP Larry!! I came to the barber shop today to get a haircut and I saw the letter.

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I never knew Larry outside the 45324 choclate adult chat ready to play shop. I moved back to Dayton in I'm retired Army and was visiting Wright Patt one day. I decided I needed a haircut and as I was driving around I spotted Larrys place. It looked like the kind of place I was looking for, so I went in. He greated me and told me to take a chair. He did a great job with the haircut, but the conversation was better So he became my barber.

I live in Centerville but I came to Larrys to get my haircut. I'm very saddened amd heartbroken today.

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He was a kind and gentleman. I will miss our coversations. I am so sorry for your loss. Loved Larry's sense of humor. Take the time when he found out that my wife did chocolate molding and she fixed him some chocolate cover cherries. Then found out how they were made and "they" cooked up some unconventional "green cherries". Oh the fun he had with them. When she went through chemo and started to lose her hair, he have nothing but the fact she had to come over to him and he would take care a "chemo haircut" for her.

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Then we laughed about his potential stay in the hospital and having to close the shop. I volunteered to come on Saturday and give "Amish" haircuts. He wanted to know what an Amish hair cut was.

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I told him I had the bowl and scissors and that was all I needed. Sorry that I lost a good friend first and a barber second. I hope Larry doesn't offer Christ a hair cut, on the house of course. RIP my friend.

High, tight and flat. RIP Larry. I just heard of your passing and I am remembering the past 30 plus years that I sat in your barbers chair sharing stories about Fairborn and life. You will be missed by many. My condolences to your loving family. Larry used to come to our home to cut my dad's hair when dad was home bound due to cancer.

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That kind gesture will never be forgotten. Our prayers to his loved ones. I go into get hair cut he always had a smile and a kind word to say.

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Larry Deer became my father when i was just 3 years old, all my life he was there for me right or wrong, every baseball game, every football game, visited me in my darkest hour all he could, encouraged me, loved me unconditionally, he was my best friend, my hero, my inspiration, my heart. I know his mom wanted him back and the Lord, but im selfish and dont wanna give him back I keep trying to remember all of the last words he said to me, how proud is of me, that he loves me, thanked me for taking him to the clinic the day before he died.

I told him Dad, you dont have to thank me, nothing could stop me, i love you with all my heart and soul. He said im lucky to have you, i said nope, im lucky one to have you as my dad. As he suffered i prayed with him, said the Lords prayer, asked God to please heal him, give him strength, and surround him and protect him with his love. I guess God said he had enough, its time for you to come home.

Nobody kept me in line like him, even as a grown adult i still saught his favor and praise, and listened to everything he said to me. I would'nt be here right now if it wasnt for him, as well as somany people that were touched by his wisdom, his strength, and his love. I'll miss his jokes, his laughter, even when he would get mad and scald me. He always told me the right thing to do even if i didnt wanna hear it.

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He had the biggest heart, but he would get in your face if you were wrong, he never backed down from anything or anyone. He taught me to look a man in the eye, give a firm handshake, how to carry myself, and that true respect has nothing to do with how tough you are, or how much you have, but that true respect comes from helping others without exspecting anything in return. He never exspecting anything, was the most unselfish person i ever met. I just wish i had words powerful enough to reach the heavens, or describe what an amazing person he is, or the legacy's he's left behind.

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We will never forget you, I love you Dad! So sorry to here of Larry's passing last time I saw him was when I was in town for my brothers funeral we talked of the good times and before I left he said let me trim your hair up a little so you'll look good for your brother!!

RIP My Friend.

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Larry will be missed by his many brothers and sisters of the Moose, he came in every day telling us stories and jokes. I personally will miss Larry as I took my dad to him to cut his hair.

Larry deer

My dad and Larry would go back in time and talk of the old Fairborn places. He cut my hair for years. Always nice to catch up with him.