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This was originally written for Phenix 0. We will render the chat messages to the messages div. To keep things simple, users will enter their username and a message to the respective input fields and hit enter to send the message. The App. The static init adds the function to the App object so that we can invoke it as App. For now, we will log the form inputs to the browser console.

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Work fast with our official CLI. Learn more. If nothing happens, download GitHub Desktop and try again. If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

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If nothing happens, download the GitHub extension for Visual Studio and try again. A step-by-step tutorial for building, testing and deploying a Chat app in Phoenix! Sadly, most example apps show a few basics and then ignore " the rest " So " beginners " are often left " lost " or " confused " as to what they should do or learn next! Very few tutorials consider Testing, Deployment, Documentation or other " Enhancements " which are all part of the " Real World " of building and running apps; so those are topics we will cover to " fill in the gaps ".

We wrote this tutorial to chat phoenix easiest way to learn Phoenix, Ecto and "Channels" with a practical example anyone can follow. Initiallywe deliberately skip over configuration files and " Phoenix Internals " because you beginners don't need to know about them to get started.

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But don't worry, we will return to them when needed. We favour " just-in-time " when you need it learning as it's immediately obvious and practical why we are learning something.

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This example is for complete beginners as a " My First Phoenix " App. We try to assume as little as possible, but if you think we " skipped a step " or you feel " stuck " for any reason, or have any questions related to this exampleplease open an issue on GitHub! Also, by asking questions, you are helping everyone that is or might be stuck with the same thing! Note : if you already have Elixir installed on your Mac, and just want to upgrade to the latest chat phoenix, run: brew upgrade elixir.

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Check you have the latest version of Elixir run the following command in your terminal :. Chat phoenix you attempt to build the Chat App from scratch, clone and run the finished working version to get an idea of what to expect. Change into the phoenix-chat-example directory and install both the Elixir and Node. If you open the app localhost in two more web browsers, you can see the chat messages displayed in all of them as soon as you hit the Enter key:.

Now that you have confirmed that the finished phoenix chat app works on your machine, it's time to build it from scratch!

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When asked to " Fetch and install dependencies? You should see:. Note : at this point there is already an "App" it just does not do anything yet Chat phoenix will take care of that in step 6! Now that we have confirmed that everything is working all tests passlet's continue to the interesting part! If you are prompted to confirm installation, type y and hit the [Enter] key. Don't worry about this yet, we will look at the test file in step 14 below! This is the basic form we will use to input Chat messages.

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The classes e. Your index. Your app. At the end of this step, if you run the Phoenix Server mix phx. So it's already starting to look like a basic Chat App. Sadly, since we changed the copy of the index. Hopefully the in-line comments are self-explanatory, but if anything is unclear, please ask! At this point your app. By default the phoenix channel client will subscribe to the generic room: "topic:subtopic".

Open the file in your editor and locate the following lines:.


Your socket. If you later decide to tidy up your chat app, you can delete these commented lines from the file. We are just keeping them for reference of how to channels and receive messages. If we didn't want to save the chat history, we could just deploy this App immediately and we'd be done! Additionally a migration file is created, e. It uses Ecto's all function to fetch all records from the database. You should be able to send messages between the two browser windows:.

This means you can refresh the browser or in chat phoenix different browser and you will still see the history! Automated testing is one chat phoenix the best ways to ensure reliability in your web applications. Testing in Phoenix is fast tests run in parallel! Chat phoenix you have never seen or written a test with ExUnitdon't fear, the syntax should be familiar if you have written any sort of automated test in the past.

Installation and setup

Whenever you create a new Phoenix app or add a new feature like a channelPhoenix generates a new test for you. It's worth taking a moment or as long as you need! Note : if you have questions or need any help understanding the other tests, please open an issue on GitHub we are happy to expand this further! Often we can learn a lot about an application or API from reading the tests and seeing where the "gaps" in testing are. Additionally, find chat phoenix def project do section towards the top of mix.

Theninstall the dependency on excoveralls we just added to mix. In the "root" base directory of the Chat project, create a new file called coveralls. Chat phoenix we can se here, only Chat phoenix : you will need to temporarily lower the coverage threshold in the coveralls. This prevents accidentally " breaking " your app.

If you are new to Continuous Integration, or need a refresher, we wrote a step-by-step tutorial for it! You will need to enable your project on Travis-CI for the build to run. Deployment to Heroku takes a few minutes, but has a few "steps", therefore we have created a separate guide for it: elixir-phoenix-app-deployment.

If you want to learn more Phoenix and the magic of LiveViewconsider reading our beginner's tutorial: github. Thank you for learning with us! At the time of writing Chris' example was last updated on 20 Feb and uses Phoenix 1.

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There are quite a few differences breaking changes between Phoenix 1. Our tutorial uses Phoenix chat phoenix. Branches Tags. Nothing to show.

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Go back. Launching Xcode If nothing happens, download Xcode and try again.

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Latest commit. Git stats commits. Failed to load latest commit information. Jun 24, Jun 11, Step 5 Create messages schema and ecto migrate Jun 7, May 17, May 20, Feb 21, Apr 17, Sep 30, View code. Phoenix Chat Example Content Why? Create The App Run the Tests 2.

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Create the WebSocket "Channel" 3. Update the Template File UI 3.

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Update the "Client" code in App. Insert Messages into Database 8. Send Existing Messages to the Client when they Try it!