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Don't Chat With Strangers is an experience puzzle game, mostly taking place in a single room. The main character in the middle of the night is approached by a strange girl in an online chat. Don't die and solve the mystery of the girl.

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In the old days of computer adventure gaming, before games had their own message boards, they had automated hint lines. For 50 cents a minute or so, when you got stuck in a game, you could dial up a hint by using your phone. Some games had puzzles that were so illogical and obtuse that it felt as if they were purposely deed to milk you out of extra money via those hint lines. It is supposed to be a puzzle-based adventure game, but its challenges lack any logic and, at best, are a series of punishing trial-and-error events. Each time that you experience failure, you are sent back to the beginning of the game to try it all again.

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Introduction 2.

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Interactions 3. Walkthrough 4. Other Notes 1. Introduction Don't Chat with Strangers is a short point and click adventure game. You take control of a male who wakes up to find a girl has lured and seduced? The guy tries to finds out who she really is and why she is messaging him but the character is locked in and can't escape only to find that if he does try, he dies and often in very silly and ridiculous ways.

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This guide will explain how to finish the game only with how the game works as there's alot of unfortunate paths, some of which led to achievements and other times just because it is believed some people like how the game ends with a few cases of YouTube videos to show this. There is a quick walkthrough on Steam by Malkavian in the community guide section. It doesn't fully detail how the player got the result and all the other ways the player needs to progress the game safety.

It may be very slim and to the point but there are other elements that allows you to dont chat with strangers a lot towards the end to consider which aren't noted maybe to make the walkthrough short. Feels a bit dumb having to explain the many of the achievements being based on the player suffering a mental breakdown and dying to obtain an achievement.

Can't really call that an 'achievement'. Others achievements are how well you play the Mech vs Fruit minigame and reach until level 10 and how to progress naturally in the game. Not really much to it. This walkthrough does contain spoilers. Interactions List of objects which can be clicked and interacted with to help complete the game. Room Objects Interactions - Bed Used to get sleep.

Doesn't really affect the game as much. Needed towards the end of the game but can't be switched on after the lamp is turned on. The minimal monotonus Buttons game and an arcade shooter Mech vs Fruits. Also has an error log during the game. Required to make a phone call to the girl when she gives you her phone. Staying on the phone for too long would result the character from begin electriculed. One of the more interesting to notice is that the s for the USA, UK and Europe emergery services would trigger the other death scene of the vehicle appearing to crash into the character.

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Emergercy s for the game, just like their real life counterparts. Helps the character focus a bit and not think they're getting killed by a ghost. It can also can trip a death scene for the character to grab pills and overdose thus ending the game. Rotating this upside down will summon a giant Latin Cross where the screen flashes and the character gets crufified. Not sure how that happens. Can access car! The robot becomes a alive and will zap the player.

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Not sure how to activicate this. Computer Interactions - Chat A better term to explain this software would be messenger, used to chat with the unknown female messaging the character.

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Required to look up the last messages sent by the female. Arrow buttons control the Mech and space bar shoots projectiles across the screen to dont chat with strangers the evil enemy fruit. Can be played online. The girl also welcomes herself to play in a multiplayer game but only used to see how the character is like depending on how it's won. This will restart to restarting the computer. Outside Objects and interactions - Car Used to travel to various other locations but can only be activated. Used to travel to various locations. One of the locations is the characters place while the other locations are used as places to find the girls body.

Not much else going on there. Starts a minigame where the character has to dig a grave to bury the body of the other character. Using space bar digs and fills the grave site. Walkthrough You begin the game with the unnamed male character, who will immediately wake up and head towards the chair as the computer received a message. Before engaging into anything on the computer screen like the conversation. Click on the radio to turn it on then, click on the lamp close by to turn the lamp light on. Notice the exclamation mark! Appears everytime the game starts or when the character is away from the computer and the unknown female is trying to message you.

You must turn on your radio before the lamp. If you turn on your lamp and then try to turn the radio, the radio would explode killing the character. One of the many death scenes dont chat with strangers game imposes for fun. You can do this however if you want the achievement. Why it explodes? I don't know!


A good hint maybe how it is used during the game in order to complete it, so the game forces you to turn the radio on before the lamp. The lamp helps to prevent the monster to appear which is a shape of a snake or a rod to crawl and bedroom and dont chat with strangers under your bed. Another death scene awaits. Again, I really don't know.

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Again the shape hints what it could look like. I really don't know or don't want too know! Now chat with her. There is a very fast way to end to another section. When you talk with her, she will ask you how you are. Just reply with "Same". This will mostly lead you to the next section without any trouble. The other questions and answers are just a way if you wanted to know the character a bit more or simply just want to push her around.

Don’t chat with strangers

Pushing her around, insulting her or lying and being cruel would end up being a game over with the way the game gets the character. When she gets upset and asks you to apologize, do so to get back on track to progressing the game. She will also play buttons, a button mashing game before the next section. If she does, win but don't win with alot more points when she does. Maybe 1 or 2 points ahead but that's it or it would be game over.

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Worth experimenting with the other conversations if you are bored to find out the character a bit more but leaving a negative impression on her will more likely end the game with more game over scenes. Some of which would be that she doesn't like the character and leaves. Doing this will result in a disturbing game over screen when the character finds out she has left the conversation. If she asks what your favourite color is, never choose Black, she isn't dont chat with strangers fan of the dark.

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Other times, the character would hallucinate and have visions of the female entering the room in a ghost appearance to slit the throat of the character thus killing him and ending the game. Or he could have killed himself, who knows. This ending the game. Gives you an achievement if you haven't got this. This is best avoided by killing on the door on the left, having the character to exit. Click back at the computer or any other object to re-enter the room to interact dont chat with strangers.

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The latin cross would go upside down sometimes if you spend long. This very unnoticale. This will resort in a big giant latin cross to be summoned in the characters room. I seriously don't know! The screen would change with the character preforming a crufix on himself.

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Really, into why? I don't know.