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There are multiple types of security issues affecting AIM, and they fall into the of data leakage, social engineering, malicious code, and client vulnerabilities.

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Among its many uses and benefits, the Internet has transformed and simplified how people communicate with each other around the globe.

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The chat service shut down for good back in By then even its most enthusiastic users had long since abandoned it for Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger and the myriad other chat options now free aim chat rooms to us. In a fit of nostalgia, we asked our old-timey readers for their most potent AIM memories, and boy, did they deliver. Below, one last tribute to the chat client that started it all.

Drove the other students that used the lab to goof off insane. I had several embarrassing stories. I had moved to California from Texas when I was All of my friends at my small private school decided to call me Tex, which I owned, despite being a short pudgy Jewish kid from the suburbs without any athletic prowess.

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I had gotten sick of that particular reaction so much that I was in desperate need of change. I do miss the individuality that we could show with a screen name. Good memories of the late night, generally hormonally exciting conversations with people on the periphery of our peer free aim chat rooms. More than one of you did this :. One chat interaction that sticks with me: I was just going back and forth with people in one of the main, general chat rooms hey, remember those??

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Because I felt it necessary to carry on as many conversations with my friends as possible at the same time I became a really good typist. I mostly have my many hours on AIM to thank for that.

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Beyond that, my away message and whatnot was usually some lyric because of course it was. Most likely 3rd Eye Blind or Savage Garden. But I had several different handles on there that I switched between depending on what I was needing to use it for or who I wanted to talk to. A bunch of you found love:. When I was in college I had a free Match. At the time that was fine with me, because I was just curious about online dating sites but not actually interested in dating anybody through it.

I might as well have been a bot, except that these days bots probably actually reply to people who send their messages.

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My husband had the foresight to leave his AIM username in his first message to me, which worked out well because without that I never would have talked to him. Or you found… something else:. Or you loved and lost :. It was 20 years ago, we were in middle school, doing our homework together and messaging over AIM. I was fortunate enough to have a couple hour block of the line to use the dial-up, her family had two lines to the house.

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So it was routine of ours after our respective soccer practices to chat on AIM for a while, most of the school knew I liked her. My world was spinning and I loved it. As most middle school romances go, this was special, I asked her to be my girlfriend in 7th grade, and she said no. I asked her to be my girlfriend in 8th grade, and she said no. I asked her to be my girlfriend in 9th grade, and she said no.

I skipped asking her in 10th grade, took one of her friends to Homecoming instead, that was finally the tipping point, she finally was ready! We started dating the summer before junior year. The beautiful, first-love relationship.

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We got married, adopted the most adorable black lab, life was looking great. You argued with chat botssometimes without realising it:.

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The rest of it was up to the AI. A friend of mine at college managed to get some dormmates of his to add the bot as a friend, presumably not knowing what the setup was. I came home one night to a long drawn out argument in which the bot won. You used it to get through more serious crises :. My wife thought it was super creepy and weird that you could chat with some stranger across the country, especially about personal things.

I actually helped this guy though, and feel good about it. Great to be a teen again. You pranked your friends for no reason:. I remember when one of my college roomates hooked his AIM up to his phone for the first time. A minute or two later he stormed in all sorts of angry and pleading me to stop — apparently each of those messages cost him money since they were technically text messages.

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So many memories from the role playing rooms. The place was like the nexus of existence where anyone or anything could show up. A gothic vampiress could be sipping bloodwine at the bar beside a 4 armed felidae prince who is the last of his kind while a dwarf was off in the corner snoring all cuddled up to his space pirate gf.

The saddest memory besides people trying to constantly force their own dice rules your clan dice only work in your clans rooms, newb!

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That and the realisation of how many people were really just looking for cyber free aim chat rooms. And finally, you asked the tough questions:. Username or Address. Remember Me. First Name. Last Name.

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