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The Mako Slingshot jetboard has an authentic surfboard feel and gives you the power to surf more, even when the waters are flat. With quick set up, easy-to-use intuitive control and reliable performance, the Mako Slingshot makes fun on the water more accessible to users at all levels. Time spent on the water therefore is never wasted and yields higher returns — unforgettable memories, more hours well spent, experiences that nourish instead of passing you by.

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MAKO is a great app for me to find other men that have the same interest as me. This App is poppin!

Years old: 23
Ethnic: I'm icelandic
Sex: Lady
I like to drink: Ale
What is my favourite music: Hip hop

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All chat clients will be both publishers and subscribers.

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Figure 1: All connected chat clients publish and subscribe to the same topic name. Note: All messages will be routed via the SMQ broker. In the first step, we setup a broker so that we can later use this broker when we are testing our chat client.

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The SMQ Broker Documentation includes the above example and provides an overview of how it works; thus we will not cover how the code works here. Result: The Mako Server should print a message to confirm that it has successfully loaded the "broker" app.

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If you attempt to open this URL by using your browser, it will return a not found response. Example 1: creating an SMQ client, subscribing to a topic, and publishing to a topic.

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An SMQ client is created on line 1. The function SMQ. In the case of the above example, the HTML file and broker must be on the same server.

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We subscribe to the topic "BasicChat" on line two. The second parameter is the "option" object where we set the callback function that will be called when we get messages on the topic and the message type we expect. The "datatype" parameter makes sure we receive the type we expect.

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Line shows typical JQuery startup code. JQuery will then execute our anonymous function when the DOM is ready when all required resources are loaded.

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See JQuery for details. Line is the callback function that will be called when we receive a message published to the "BasicChat" topic. The HTML for this can be found on line Line is the function that publishes messages to the "BasicChat" topic.

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This function extracts the text entered into the HTML element on line mako chat and publishes the text. The sendChatMsg function is installed as an event function on line A message is sent to all subscribers, including your own browser window. The mako chat below should show a working BasicChat client unless you are using an archaic browser with no WebSocket support. Example 4: chat client connecting to the broker simplemq.

Creating an smq broker

The server side code and the web application is included in the Mako Server Tutorials. See the online SMQ documentation for more information.

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In the next tutorialwe will improve the chat client and introduce some of the unique features of the SMQ protocol.