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Situated off the mainland Belize coast, Caye Caulker is an island that truly lives up to its reputation as a relaxed paradise destination. In the early 20th century, the area became home to a of lobster fisheries, and in subsequent decades it became popular for fish exportation.

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We spoke to Virginia Krohn from South Texas. Virginia and her husband built two vacation rental properties in Belize. They moved here over 30 years ago! And are now voting citizens of Belize. In this chat, Virginia describes her journey with building the rental properties and a time in Belize when there were no filing cabinets nor computers. Virginia Krohn: When we were in our forties we grew tired of the everyday grind of small business in the states.

It was a lot of work and not much fun so since we had to work we wanted a business that we could enjoy. What we wanted most was to live on the beach. To be able to live on the beach we had to have a tourism business so that it would provide fun and an income.

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It did not take long to discover that we were not going to pull that off in the states. It costs too much to buy or build and then even if you got that far the property taxes and other taxes would have seriously affected your profit.

We could afford the property and it was everything we wanted. We could live on the beach and have vacation rentals that provided an income with a stream of interesting things to do like swimming, snorkeling, diving, fishing, and more. Was it easier back then to start a business? Krohn: I think the biggest obstacles we faced when we started was realizing that we had to pick one of the builders on the town board for our builder so that we could finally get the permit to build.

When we did get the permit we also got the best builder we could have ever hoped for. He built our project on time and on budget. The second biggest obstacle was getting building supplies. The cement, sand, and gravel had to come from the mainland. At the time there were no barges so we had to use the little mahogany sailboats.

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Lucky for us the builder handled all of those arrangements so it was easy for us. It was also difficult getting good windows and plumbing items like toilets and sinks as things were limited in the hardware stores. Today they are all readily available in Belize City and Spanish Lookout.

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I think it is easier to start a business today than back then nice chats 20 belize 20 there are more local experienced craftsmen available. And of course, construction equipment and building materials are much more available also.

How would you describe the process of purchasing the land in one word? And why? We drove by a property that we liked and saw a that had been pulled up and turned over. Sure enough when we looked it was a real estate. The property was in a location we liked and the price was in our budget and it was still available. We had saved up the cash so purchasing was easy. Krohn: We could not find a builder that we liked or could afford in the Cayo area at that time so we just hired crews and built it ourselves.

I would not recommend that to anyone unless you have some experience in construction and we did. We loved our builder in San Pedro and hoped for one here in Cayo but was not that lucky. Today there are a of builders in Cayo that I would have used at that time. When we first moved here, Belize was a third-world country. Now it is a developing country…. Krohn: As far as computerization in Belize goes this is what it was like In the very beginning. When we went to Belmopan for help with a strata plan we were working on and stepped into the offices there were stacks of file folders on the floor up to 6 feet high.

No filing cabinets and no computers.

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When you said you were checking on the progress of so and so……. Could you please re-submit? So I would definitely say that you are better off letting an attorney handle whatever you are doing, even today. You may find someone who says they can do it for a few hundred dollars and think you are ok but it may come back and bite you a few years down the road.

So I would definitely recommend using a lawyer. Krohn: In Nice chats 20 belize 20, we had a small restaurant in downtown Kerrville. We were only open from 11am to 2pm which gave us nice chats 20 belize 20 time to work on our miniature carousels. My husband built the carousel and I carved the characters and did the artwork for the carousel. It would have been wonderful but we found they took too long to build and the collectibles market crashed. We had only sold three before we gave up. Krohn: The biggest change we have seen in Belize both on the islands and the mainland in 30 years is less trash everywhere and more professionally trained employees from the waiters in restaurants to secretaries in offices.

Why or why not? Krohn: It was not difficult to move to Belize because it was exciting. What are the major differences as it relates to real estate transactions in Texas and Belize? Krohn: In the states everything is multiple listings. Any agent working for any company can sell a property. I like working as a buyers agent here which is basically the same thing because it helps the buyer by navigating through each company with the same agent.

It is easier to build trust in the system if the people during the process remain the same.

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Krohn: Right now the real estate most in demand is raw land. People want to get away from the crowds and get back to nature.

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Krohn: Our business stopped immediately when the pandemic hit Belize. We had guests and we were under construction on two additional villas. The employees for the vacation rentals and the construction immediately lost nice chats 20 belize 20 jobs and of course, we lost our income. I would have never in my wildest dreams thought something like this could happen anywhere in the world. I would now highly recommend to anyone to always have two streams of income at all times to counter possibilities like this. Really good!

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Krohn: My favorite time in Belize would be November. It is just before the high season for tourists and everything is so lush and green. Krohn: My favorite place in Belize is the Cayo Mountains. Full of birds, wildlife, and the most amazing plants and bugs.

Krohn: People can always come to visit us at Villa Cayo and check out our unique Caribbean Contemporary de.

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We have our own website villacayobelize. Krohn: Villa Cayo has many types of birds to see including the Toucan, Aracari, and the laughing Falcon just to name a few. We also have lush gardens full nice chats 20 belize 20 tropical flowers and a hammock to rest in. The suites have huge windows so that you never lose sight of the amazing Maya mountains and our landscaped grounds. Krohn: I have probably known Ryan for about 10 years and watched his client base and office grow.

He is a great one to call if you have any questions to do with property law or if you need escrow services. He does all the regular things like writing wills and contracts but he is also knowledgeable about international law.

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Krohn: Belize has given us the amazing life we were looking for, not once but twice over 30 years. It has also given us profitable businesses and employees that have become our family away from home. Interested in retiring or relocating to Belize as Virginia did?

It is intended to inform, not to advise. No one should try to interpret or apply any law without the assistance of legal counsel. Please for the full disclaimer. Save my name,and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Our newsletters give you an opportunity to connect with a prominent lawyer in Belize.

now! A view at Villa Cayo Belize. Now!