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In news that is sure to make you feel old, Microsoft is officially killing its year-old instant messaging program. Microsoft first announced it would be closing Windows Live and pushing users over to Skype inbut the service had stuck around in China — until now. Microsoft began alerting Chinese users of Windows Live's imminent shutdown Thursday, and told users they would need to switch to Skype by October The tech giant also promised free Skype credit to those who did, according to the BBC.

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The Clan Chat feature was released on 6 Augustfour days before the backup upon which Old School RuneScape is based; it was the last update released before the backup was old school chat. Using clan chat channels, players can communicate with groups of other players across multiple worlds.

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It is linked to the Friends Chat feature within the main game ; therefore, players on Old School RuneScape can communicate with players on the main game via Clan Chat and vice versa. To enter a chat channel, players simply click on the button in the clan chat interface.

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Players can leave a chat at any time by using the button. Note : after an update on 14 Mayfree-to-play s with a total level lower than are unable to clan chats. The name of the player hosting the channel must be entered in the message box. Once this is done, the player is able to send messages to other players in the channel by writing messages in the public chat box with a slash before them.

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The clan chat interface shows the name and creator of the channel the player is currently chatting on. In addition, each player in the channel up to is shown on a list, along with their channel rank and current world.

1. the screech of the modem

Players not on the channel owner's friends list do not have a rank icon; players on the owner's friends list but not ased any other rank have a friend icon; and each of the other ranks except channel owner are ased by the owner to other players on their friends list. The interface also contains a button for players to enter or leave a channel.

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Note that Jagex moderators have powers equivalent to a channel owner if they come into a channel. Players who are breaking rules in chat channels can be reported using the report old school chat button as normal.

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Any player can create their own channel, using the button in the clan chat interface. The player will then be presented with an interface that allows them to set ranks for people on their friends list and control who can enter, talk, and kick other players from the channel.

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They can also set the channel name limited to 12 characterswhich will appear on the side of the chat box to indicate something said on that channel. Players that hold a rank corporal or higher in the channel can be granted the kicking permission by setting "Who can kick on chat?

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These players will be granted the ability to remove other players from the channel, and prevent them from ing again for 60 minutes. They may only kick players with a rank lower than theirs.

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For example, a general with kick power cannot kick other generals. Temporary bans from the channel will expire after 60 minutes. However, they can be lifted earlier if the channel is 'reset', which occurs when the channel is completely empty.

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Resetting can be performed in three different ways ordered by difficulty :. Some under-the-hood changes have been made to the Clan Chat systems in preparation for the Clan system which is currently in development. In addition to this, some references to "Clans" have been renamed.

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The menu that lists members of your chat-channel will now use green text to highlight who's in the same world as you. Jump to:search. The message a player receives after being kicked from a CC. A kicked player notified of their temporary ban trying to re the CC before 60 minutes has elapsed. The message a player gets if they have been 'bumped' from the CC at max.

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Discord Discord. This was last modified on 21 Aprilat When ing clan chats, you will now see the option to the last chat that you were in.

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If you are in a chat-channel when you log out, you will automatically attempt to re- it on. The text generated when kicking a player from a chat-channel has been modified.

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Chat-channel messages now have a 'Kick' option. Attempting to kick a old school chat from a chat-channel will cause a notification message to be sent round the channel. This content was included when the Old School RuneScape servers officially launched. Control Panel.